Welcome to Trenao

Bringing your Stone & Brick Projects Alive

With over 42 years of experience within the construction industry, at Trenao, our vision is simple: to remain committed and focused on being the leading supply company in the natural stone and brick market.

We are passionate about what we do and we are constantly striving to be the company recognised not only for our quality products but, second to none when it comes to technical knowledge, competitiveness and most importantly transparency and honesty.

We insist that all materials that we propose to our clients are fit for purpose and are supported by all relevant technical data which will ensure every confidence in the product when specifying. In addition, innovation is never far from our everyday way of work, and whilst constantly reviewing our products to make sure they keep performing, we do this alongside innovative ideas to improve on what we have, as well as introducing more cutting-edge systems and materials to add to our portfolio.


Transforming projects with innovative technology and elegant design across our diverse range of cutting-edge products.

Natural Stone

TIER® is a real stone Panelling and Veneer system designed by experienced stone masons specifically to create a distinctive, natural stone finish wherever it is used.

Brick Systems

Visari Brick Systems creates enriching designs for commercial and residential projects through timeless appeal, exclusive textures, and distinctive colours.

Adhesive & Sealants

Xcel specializes in supplying high-performance products for professionals. Our products are designed to simplify their work and help them achieve excellent results on every project…



Explore our portfolio of materials and systems, which include ventilated facades and traditional installations, all to assist you in your design and vision.